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Virtual Meeting Checklist

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Now most of us are back to working from home, here are a few quick tips to ensure your virtual meeting is a successful one.

  1. Nail your framing: Instead of giving your meeting participants a good look up your nose, ensure your camera is at eye level. This may mean propping your device up on something like a few books or a tissue box (don't knock it, till you've tried it!). Those in the meeting should be able to see from your sternum to the top of your head (allowing for a few inches of space above).

  2. Wear headphones: Three key reasons—(1) Headphones help you concentrate on the audio of your call, rather than any noise going on around you. (2) Headphones prevent feedback loops which are those awful reverberating noises that occur when your device picks up other people on the call speaking. (3) The microphone on your headset nearly always makes for better sound than the mic on your device.

  3. Make eye contact: Look into the camera when speaking. This will increase your personal connection with meeting participants. Looking into the camera is also an effective way of emphasising key messages.

  4. Avoid interrupting/making audible sounds of agreement: Although sounds like "mmm yeah," and "right," can be helpful during in-person meetings/conversations (because they show the speaker you're listening and agreeing with what's being said), over video conference they become painfully annoying. This is because, due to the transmission delay of these platforms, the person speaking may think you're trying to chime in. Instead of making audible sounds of agreement, just nod.

  5. Remember the three pillars of meeting engagement: variety, involvement, and timeliness.

For more information on how to nail your virtual meetings, take a look at the attached resource; 'How to Communicate Effectively Over Video Conference.'

Naked Audience Communicate Effectively Over VC
Download PDF • 8.89MB

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