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Salary Negotiations — Heads I win, tails you lose.

What if you could pick up $5,000 in five minutes?

You can. It’s called salary negotiation, and too many people suck at it.

There’s no need to shy away from salary negotiations. Here’s why:

  • Top talent negotiates.

  • Your interviewers expect you to negotiate.

  • Your interviewers are considerably less invested in the negotiation than you. Remember, it’s not their money they’re parting with. So if you’re feeling awkward or nervous about it, rest’re the only one who is.

  • Companies are not sensitive to small differences in employee wages. Incremental sums that seem a lot to you are pennies to your prospective employer.

  • If the deal makes economic sense, it will happen.

  • Negotiating never makes a (worthwhile) offer worse.

In many ways, your salary negotiation is a game of 'chicken.' The first person to concede to the awkwardness and discomfort of the negotiation, loses.

Learn to get comfortable with negotiations. Suck less. Earn more.

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